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leaf Fig & goat cheese tart 23,-

served on french pastry with pesto, red onion marmolade
on green salad with balsamic dressing


Burgundy snails 27,-

grilled in herbs butter (6 pieces) served with french bread


Blinis with smoked salmon 24,-

wędzony łosoś podawany na blinach z mąki gryczanej, creme fraiche,
rukoli z salsą z ogórka, mango i pomarańczy


Beef Carpaccio 33,-

marinated in salsa verde and served with truffle oil, rocket salad, capers,
parmesan cheese & french bread


Prawns 31,-

cooked in herby butter served with lemon aioli & french bread


Scalops 37,-

served on parsley puree with cucumber, mango & orange salsa dressed
with balsamic reduction


Frog legs 37,-

pan fried with ouzo, served with lemon aioli


French beef tar-tare 33,-

freshly ground beef with dijon mustard, Worcester sauce and Tabasco,
served with egg yolk, capers, onion and French baguette





leaf French onion soup 14,-

served with croutons


Cream of spinach 14,-

served with herby croutons & smoked salmon


Soup of the day 13,-



Tarte Flambee


bacon 21,-

bacon with onion, gouda cheese & creme fraiche


with prawns 27,-

king prawns, goat cheese, rocket & creme fraiche


leaf four cheeses 23,-

four cheeses (blue, brie, mozzarella and grated parmesan)
with rocket & creme fraiche


with camembert 23,-

camembert, red onion marmolade, smoked ham cherry tomato,
rocket, crème fraiche




(all made with buckweat flour)

with chicken  21,-

chicken, ratatouille, crème fraiche & spinach


leaf z kozim serem  23,-

goat cheese, tomato, rocket, crème fraiche & walnut


leaf with brie  19,-

brie cheese, fig chutney, tomato, rocket salad & crème fraiche


with salmon  24,-

salmon, spinach, tomato & crème fraiche




Tagliatelle Le Parisien 31,-

pasta with chicken, spinach & sun dried tomato
served in creamy roquefort sauce


Sea food Pasta 36,-

pasta tagliatelle with salmon, king prawns, calamary, capers, rocket
& cherry tomato in pesto sauce with parmesan cheese


leaf Vegetarian Pasta 31,-

pasta tagliatelle with cashew nuts, mix french cheese, sun dried tomato, parmesan flakes
& balsamic reduction dressing





leaf Goat cheese salad  31,-

served warm with green salad, tomato, figs, walnuts & balsamic dressing


Chef’s salad 29,-

grillled chicken, smoked ham, tomato, melon, olives & cheese
mixed with green salad, topped with poached egg and dressed
with reduced balsamico vinaigrette


Sea food salad 35,-

king Prawn, smoked salmon & calamars mixed with green salad, cucumber,
melon, cherry tomato, green olives & home made vinaigrette


Duck Salad  32,-

shreded confit of duck, sun dried tomato, cucumber, cherry tomato,
melon, pear & roasted sesame seeds mixed with green salad and plum sauce


leaf Mozzarella Salad  27,-

baby mozzarella, fresh tomato & sun dried tomato, avocado, rocket,
garlic bread & cashew nuts dressed with pesto dressing



Main Courses 


Chicken Le Parisien 31,-

chicken breast marinated in provensal herbs
served with potato gratin, ratatouille & roquefort sauce


Confit of Goose 49,-

served with potato puree, grilled sesonal vegetables,
roasted pear, red wine & green pepper sauce


Duck Breast a la Bistrot 53,-

breast of duck marinated in red wine and thyme served with potato gratin,
parsnips puree, grilled vegetables, red wine & green pepper sauce


Steak in roquefort sauce 49,-

rostbef served with french fries & green salad


Lamb shank 59,-

served on dijon mustard purée, ratatouille & red wine sauce


Baked Gilt-head bream 47,-

marinated in rosemary and garlic served with home made frites,
grilled seasonal vegetables, dill & lemon sauce


King Prawns 54,-

served on parsnips puree, cucumber, mango & orange salsa,
rocket salad, dill & lemon sauce


Mussels 39,-

cooked in white wine sauce served with homemade frites or french bread





leaf Chcocolate Moelleux Cake 14,-

served warm with pistachio ice cream


leaf Creme Brulée 13,-

vanilla cream, lightly caramelized


leaf Lime & Lemon Tart 14,-

served with vanilla ice cream


leaf Chocolate Mousse  13,-

home made orange chocolatte mousse


leaf Pear tarte Tatin 14,-

served with vanilla ice cream


leaf Coffee delice 21,-

coffee served with: mini creme brulee, lime & lemon tart
& chocolate mousse


leaf Pancakes Suzette 14,-

served with oranges & vanilla ice cream


leaf Cheese board 29,-

selection of cheese served with walnuts & fruits

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